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Mission Statement


Whatcom County Fire District #16 is devoted to safely and effeciently executing firefighting and emergency medical tactics to protect our community, as well as providing education reasources on fire safety in the home.


Vision Statement


Neighbors helping neighbors.


To provide the best emergency response in our community we value...


Health and Safety; personal and professional health and satefy are key to fulfilling our mission.


Integrity; we strive to act fairly and make critical decisions with the best possible outcome in mind.


Preparedness; to provide services, we dedicate ourselves to being in a state of readiness to act.


Responsibility; our firefighters are committed to duty and representing our community as possitive role models.

Whatcom County Fire District 16 protects the areas in and around Acme, Wickersham, and Vanzandt.  Our district is the green one right of center and down in the image below.  Please click the image to view a larger one.

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WCFD# 16

PO Box 37

Acme, WA 98220-0037







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