Are you thinking you may be interested in joining the department? Good people are always needed!


Here is a list of the basic requirements and standards.

Per Whatcom County Fire District #16 policy:


1.1 Application: Personnel shall have a completed the dept.'s application forms and successfully passed any background investigation conducted. A current/valid Washington State Drivers License must be held in addition.


1.2 Residency: Personnel shall be established residents of the community, provided that this requirement may be waived at the Chief's discretion.


1.3 Availability: Personnel shall be adequately available for regularly scheduled training and response calls.


1.4: Character: Personnel shall have demonstrated good character traits such as honesty, reliability, integrity, fidelity, etc... A felony conviction will automatically disqualify any applicant.


1.5: Fitness: Personnel shall have a positive recommendation for unlimited, sustained, arduous duty by Dist. # 16's designated physician.


1.6: Compliance: Personnel shall have a working knowledge of and comply with all department standard operating procedures and policy.


1.7: Amiability: Personnel shall conduct themselves in an amiable and professional manner in their relationships with one another, other emergency responders and the general public.


1.8: Training: Personnel shall attend at least 50% of all regularly scheduled training sessions; provided that this 50% requirement may be reduced at the Chief's discretion; provided further, that all personnel shall additionally complete and satisfy the department's specific training requirements and standards including all federal and state mandated courses.


1.9: Response: Personnel, unless otherwise directed by the Chief, shall respond to at least 25% of all calls.


1:10 Renewal: Personnel shall complete and submit a department membership renewal form each year in order to maintain their membership.


1.11: Retirement: Personnel who have actively served as volunteer firefighters in Washington State for at least ten years shall be eligible to retire and terminate their membership.


1.12: Status: Personnel shall be categorized as follows:

  • Probationary:  Successful applicants who meet the initial requirements and standards may be accepted as probationary personnel and shall only take part at calls/ activities assigned to them by an Officer or Incident Commander.
  • Active: After twelve months, probationary personnel may be eligible for appointment as active personnel and, unless otherwise directed by the Chief, may take part in all normal activities at calls in accordance with the department procedures and policies; provided, that this twelve-month period may be reduced or extended at the Chief's discretion.
  • Limited: Probationary or active personnel who become non-compliant with department requirements or standards may be placed on limited status and may be restricted or especially monitored in how they respond to calls. (Habitual "limited" status shall be ground for dismissal)
  • Inactive: Probationary, limited or active personnel who become non-compliant with crucial department requirements or standards shall be placed on inactive status and shall not respond to any calls. (Recurrent "inactive" status shall be grounds for dismissal)


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