Whatcom County Fire District 16 is an all volunteer fire department that covers more than 12 miles of Valley Highway 9 in the South Fork Valley of the Nooksack River. Three unmanned stations house our equipment, one in each of our main communities of Wickersham, Acme and Van Zandt. Our only paid staff is our part-time Chief and part-time Secretary. All fire department personnel are members in good standing of our community who leave their other responsibilities to assist their neighbors at times of need.

Department members are trained in structural and wildland firefighting tactics as well as Basic Life Support (BLS) level emergency medical techniques. Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency care is provided through the Bellingham Fire Department’s Medic One.


Mission Statement

Whatcom County Fire District #16 is devoted to safely and effeciently executing firefighting and emergency medical tactics to protect our community, as well as providing education reasources on fire safety in the home.

Vision Statement

Neighbors helping neighbors.


Health and Safety; personal and professional health and satefy are key to fulfilling our mission.

Integrity; we strive to act fairly and make critical decisions with the best possible outcome in mind.

Preparedness; to provide services, we dedicate ourselves to being in a state of readiness to act.

Responsibility; our firefighters are committed to duty and representing our community as possitive role models.

Meet the team

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Elvin Kalsbeek


Jeff Hindman

Commissioner/Fire Fighter

Tom Smith


Candy Roberts


Hank Maleng


Matt Cook

Assistant Chief

Kim Cook

Division Chief

Jamie Kalsbeek


Holly Salkheld


Adam Anderson


Seth Bass


Shane Bass



Andrea Anderson, FF/EMT

Justina Bass, FF/EMT

Kaleb Bass, FF/EMT

J. Beaudin, FF

Kali Cook, FF/EMR

Robert Fox, FF

Andrew Grossenbacher, FF/EMT

Brandon Harkness, FF/EMR

Kassie Harkness, FF/EMT

Jeff Hindman, FF/EMR

Jana Miesuk, FF

R. Munday, FF

Cooper Rumbolt, FF/EMT

Aaron Weide, FF


STATION 86 (Acme)

Engine 86

A 2019 Pierce on a Saber Chassis with a Cummins L9 engine. Our newest addition to our apparatus lineup. Seats 5 firefighters, hauls 2000 gallons of water and can pump at 1250 gpm. Further details available on the Pierce website. https://www.piercemfg.com/customers/new-deliveries/whatcom-county-fire-district-16-tanker-32049

Aid 86

A 4WD, BLS transport capable aid vehicle well suited for the rural environment that is our district.

Tender 86

A 2000 Freightliner. Holds 3000 gallons and three firefighters.

Brush 86

Our aid rig in a past life, now repurposed to hold some water with a pump and tools to get us out to wildfires before they get too large. Brush 86 can transport 5 firefighters and is often used to haul extra manpower to aid and accident scenes.

STATION 87 (Van Zandt)

Aid 87

Our older aid vehicle capable of BLS transport to the hospital. Aid 87 is a 2 wheel drive but able to handle most of our calls without any trouble.

Engine 87

A 1986 Ford with a 750 gallon tank. Engine 87 is our oldest rig and often does not get the respect it deserves until it is required to go up a logging road or long driveway with tight turns. That’s where Engine 87 shines.

Station 88 (Wickersham)

Tender 88

A repurposed garbage truck. Holds 3000 gallons of water.


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